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How to save your movie to a DVD with Windows Movie Maker?

Part of the tradition of home moviemaking is gathering the family around the TV to watch the movie. You don't have to give up that tradition when you make the switch to digital video. You can save a Windows Movie Maker project to a high-quality video file, and then burn (or write) that file to a DVD using a DVD burner and video DVD burning program. You can then watch the DVD in almost any standard DVD player. DVDs are a great way to share movies with friends and family, and they make great gifts.

To save your movie to a DVD:

1. Save your movie to your computer.

2. Burn the file to a DVD.


Save your movie to your computer

To save your movie in the ideal video format for burning to a DVD

1.Open your project in Movie Maker.

2.In the Movie Tasks pane, under Finish Movie, click Save to my computer.


 save your movie to a DVD with Windows Movie Maker


3.The Save Movie Wizard opens. On the Saved Movie File page, type a name for your movie. You can also choose a folder to save it in by clicking the Browse button, but My Videos (the default) is usually the best place. Then click Next.


 save your movie to a DVD with Windows Movie Maker


4.On the Movie Setting page, click Show more choices, then select the Other settings list, and click DV-AVI. Then click Next.


 save your movie to a DVD with Windows Movie Maker


5.Movie Maker saves your movie, which may take several minutes. On the Completing the Save Movie Wizard page, clear the Play movie when I click Finish check box, and then click Finish.


 save your movie to a DVD with Windows Movie Maker


If you want to save more than one movie to a DVD, repeat steps 1 through 5 to save a different movie. Then follow the steps in the next section to burn the file to a DVD.


Burn your movie to a DVD

To burn a DVD that you can play in a video DVD player, you need to have a DVD burner and video DVD burning software on your computer. Many new computers come with an internal DVD burner. However, if your computer does not already have one installed, you may find it easier to install an external USB DVD burner

You can choose from a number of programs for burning video DVDs, such as Cucusoft DVD Burner Keep in mind that every program is different, but the basics are the same. These instructions show you how to create a DVD using Cucusoft DVD Burner. Click Here


You can now eject the DVD and play it in a standard DVD player. Be sure to label it with a permanent marker so that you can identify it later. To burn another copy of the DVD, insert another writeable DVD, and then return to Burn your movie to a DVD.

Note: While most new DVD players support most types of writeable DVDs, some older DVD players can have problems playing custom DVDs. DVD-R or DVD+R are compatible with most players. DVD-RW and DVD+RW media are only supported by newer DVD players that specifically support rewriteable discs.



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